Working With Boise Brigade

Welcome! Boise Brigade is a community. As with all communities there is room and need for all skill sets. We need coders, designers, copywriters, editors, marketers, organizers, storytellers and everything in between. Whatever your skill is, we can definitely use it.

Listed below are a few easy steps designed to get new participants started:

  1. If you aren’t in our Meetup group, we highly recommend it. Not only is that where we post events, but the RSVP list is how we determine how much food (usually donuts!) to get.
  2. Join our Slack. It’s where we stay in touch with one another, discuss project ideas, and provide updates on our work. Fill out our intro form to get an invite.
  3. If you know of something you’d like to build or a process that could be improved, use our Project Idea Submission form to get it into our pipeline.
    • Link:
  4. Check out our project-specific Trello boards to check on progress and see what else needs to be done.
    • Link:
  5. If you’re a developer, you’ll probably want to join our Github group.  Everything we do is open-source and housed on Github.
  6. If you have any questions or concerns, the best resource is the Slack group, but you can also email us at 

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