February, 2018 Monthly Meetup Summary

February 17, 2018

Boise Brigade Meetup


1. Introductions 

New attendees

  • Amanda Graham (PM)
  • Brian Krainock (Dev)
  • Drew Robertson (Design)


2. Brigade update 

Community Outreach:

  • Idaho Supreme Court’s tech team
    • Has a robust apps team, service desk, small finance team, 4 managers and CIO. Grew from 5 to 40 employees in 3 years
    • Odyssey software provides case management, document sharing, file and serve, repositories — almost entirely paperless court system. Focused on access to justice. Currently requires a lot of change management, educating courts about what public documents should be. Also a large system of redaction for SSNs, etc., in court docs. The front facing portal for Odyssey is called iCourt.
    • Started in Twin Falls, Ada went live next, now spreading to other counties (12 last October),
    • April is northern idaho,
    • October is eastern idaho
    • Then improvements w/ juries, etc.
    • Guide and File: business owners who want to be pro se, can go through turbotax style questions to file small claims court, get cases settled w/o several to courts

Website / online presence

  • Website to be finished soon, may need some dev assistance w/ a few minor styling issues. Will try to track down codeforboise.org owner

Next Meetup:

  • March 17 at BSU Fine Arts Building
  • Will plan to make BB t-shirts for anyone interested


3. CfA Mothership Update

  • National Advisory Council elections were held: https://medium.com/code-for-america/announcing-the-2018-national-advisory-council-671ddb96afe0
  • Code for America Summit is coming up: http://www.cvent.com/events/code-for-america-summit-2018/event-summary-e12d85b157b94d69b80d8911cc641d36.aspx
  • Upcoming events:
    • Wednesday, February 21 at 5pm: Brigade Fundraising Workshop to discuss various techniques to raise funds for your Brigade. Join Code for Atlanta, Code for Raleigh, Code for San Francisco, Code for San Jose, and Code for America to talk about successful practices!
    • Video Link: https://codeforamerica.zoom.us/j/864220149


4. Project Updates

  • Ida-Aid: bobby and brian went to conference, found arabic translator/volunteer, many technical questions to move forward but we have categories nailed down and are probably ready to start designing. Just need to figure out filtering system. Want to keep thinking about this as something that can be transferable to other cities/states too.
  • Reentry: Logan and Brian joined team, have a solid list of resources and designs from Clara are progressing. Will continue to meet regularly to build platform
  • Other:
    • Brian discussed ideas concerning the raising of awareness around certain genetic screening procedures as they can be extremely important elements of preventive care and not many people know about them/know how important they are
    • Amanda discussed the Supreme Court’s upcoming roadmap which will likely include various SMS-notification tools to ensure individuals don’t miss court dates and other important deadlines (similar to Courtbot concept)


5. Breakout Sessions



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